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    Hello! 3 weeks ago I never heard of Cll although I am a dental hygienost who discusses medical histories with patients all the time. I discovered an enlarged lymph node in my neck and...long story short....Cll was the diagnosis. I have had a ct scan and blood work and am fairly convinced I am in beginning stages and may not need treatment at this time.

    Our only son (24 yo) lives in Florida (we are in PA) and we have avoided telling him until we had more information and we could see him face to face. He is flying home on Wednesday for a golf weekend and we will be telling him about this diagnosis.

    My husband and I want to present it with as much positivity as possible and I was wondering if anyone can help us with your experiences telling adult children? We were totally shocked and I know he will be the same as well as very overwhelmed.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.
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