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    i went into the hospital 2 weeks ago with kidney stones, and came out with a diagnosis of multiple myeloma. Did all the tests/scans, docs say its in the ribs and lower vertebrate. Going to start chemotherapy this thursday, not sure what type of side effects to expect.

    It feels like ive been handed a death sentence. To make things worse, My wife and i separated about 6 months ago. she is sympathetic to the cancer, however shes made it clear she is not going be there for support. Im fairly isolated due to the marriage, the only others that are looking out for me are my young children.

    basically, im pretty much on my own on this. I was trying to navigate life alone after the divorce, and now its just that much harder. scared of losing mobility or more chronic pain.

    before the diagnosis i was barely putting my life back together, trying to get out and date again, but now i feel why bother. feels like im committed to a life of pain and loneliness..

    trying to join some local support groups but nothing seems to be a good fit.
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    It's normal to be scared, specially with all this things you're passing through. But don't give up, don't let sadness take control of your life. Hope you be fine.
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    You can't go into this with a negative attitude. I try to stay positive because if I don't I know I'll never stop crying. MM doesn't have to be a death sentence. They are doing so many studies right now and both of my Oncologists believe that a cure is near. Check with your cancer center to see if they have a support group. Here in Indianapolis we have an awesome support group that meets once a month to connect with others that are feeling just like you. Keep your chin up and keep plugging along.
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