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    I'm 25 years old and my mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2015. No one in my family has ever had cancer so it was a shocker for me and my sister. My family is not big and it consists of me,my sister, aunt and her husband, uncle and his wife. I do not get along with any of them but have to be around them due to my mothers illness. I got married to my wife almost a year now and she is the only person that is by my side. My mother is my only parent and about a week ago they let us know the cancer is now a stage 4 and it has spread to her spine and skull. She didn't want to eat much or drink water and lost her voice so it was hard to understand her. her oncologist let us know another treatment is no longer an option other than hospice. I'm so afraid for my mother I can't stop crying everyday and want to hug her so tight. Sunday her calcium got high and she is now in a state of confusion and cannot recognize anyone or has any clue of what is going on. I wish people knew how much i hurt seeing her suffer and I wish i could talk to people who have been in my shoes. I am very scared of what will happen next and don't know what to do or say.
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