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    Hi my name is Yoli
    I had an endoscopy done on Dec 13 of this year. They took out a 6mm polyp out and it came back from the pathologist that I have a low grade B-Cell Lymphoma consistent with extranodal marginal zone lymphoma of mucosa associated lymphoid tissue(MALT) I went to my GI and he explained that this was treatable and very low grade. He spoke to an oncologist and order a CT scan on Thurs Dec 29th. I have read so much that now I can't sleep I don't know what this is and what's going to happen to me because the H Pilori was negative. I need someone to give me support because first of all for the CT I can do the iodine but I can't drink the oral contrast, is this OK? Any answers would be helpful because with the holidays I have to wait to see this oncologist.

    I'm thinking of calling my hospital's cancer center on Tuesday and seeing one of their doctors before the CT scan to at least get some answers from an oncologist.
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