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    Hello!! Iím new to the group and have some general question that the Doctors will not answer.
    So Iím hoping to get some feedback from here.
    But it looks like not to many people use this site.
    My question is? How can we tell if the end is near? My sister is battling pancreatic
    Cancer. Sheís gone thru the whipple surgery over 3-1/2 years ago and she was getting better
    The doctors started a treatment of chemo about four months after as well as
    Radiation treatments. And that has not stopped the spreading.
    She know has cancerous fluids in her lungs and her lymph notes also have
    Cancerous cells in them as well.
    I have brought her from Wisconsin to Texas for a month stay and I seem to notice several
    Changes the doctors canít explain. All I get is keep her comfortable.
    Sheís on a low 30mg morphine three times a day and then if she is really feeling pain
    Then she can take another morphine tablet 30 mg for immediate release.
    To me thatís not a quality of life way of living and we know this canít last to long.

    So dose anyone have some insight on how and what to look for?
    I know once her eating habitats drop that itís probably a close indicator. But I just need someone to tell me..
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