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    Hello, My husband has been scheduled for the whipple procedure March 10th. We are trying not to think about the ordeal but it's common for people with cancer at the head of the pacrease. He has had chemo for 3 months and the tumor has shrunk just a bit but the dr says some if it may be dead. Has anyone here had experience with this operation. We know we are lucky that his condition is operable. Information will probably be our best weapon. We are going to try and be proactive to prevent complications.

    He was diagnosed Oct 24th 2016 after a trip to the ER for what we thought was unrelenting heartburn.
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    My husband also had the Whipple procedure last October 2016. Previously,in May 2016, he had heartburn and yellow jaundice for two weeks,before he went to the doctor to diagnose it. HIs was in Stage 1.The doctors said he was one of the lucky ones.Henthen had chemo and radiation till September 2016. In October he had the nine hour surgery. THe surgeon removed most of it that was still attached to the blood vessel after chemo. There is only a small portion of it still attached. Three months later he had more chemo.The catscan then revealed it hadn't shrunk,but hadn't,grown anymore.We are so very thankful for that,and that our glass is truly half full,thanks to God.Hopefully it will just die off. He also was very lucky that it was operable. His was also at the head of the pancreas . He will have to get a pet scan in about a month to further reveal more info about how everything is going.

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    The whipple is a long procedure, with a slow recovery, but if your husband is fortunate enough to be at Stage 1 or even at a stage where the doctor feels that there is a good chance of success, do go for it. My spouse was stage 4, we reluctantly went for the Whipple but the cancer had spread too far and the surgery was aborted. It was for the best not to put them through much more, and I don't write this to be negative. As the previous person wrote, look at it as a glass half full. My ordeal was 5 years ago, I am sure that there have been advances since then. All the best and blessings to you and your husband.
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