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    As part of my wife's chemotherapy treatment, she had to take Temozolomide at home. The treatments, consisting of a 220 MG dosage each day for four days. There was four seasons, spaced about two weeks apart. Her oncologist sent the Rx to a major specialty pharmacy company and they charged us $3,048.90 for that first four-day treatment session. Neither medicare plan nor our prescription plan covered that drug and so we paid for it. After that, I shopped around and was able to buy the same drug for the next three treatment sessions from Walmart Specialty Pharmacy for $222.67 each. (That's not a typo mistake. The difference was almost 1,400%.) Has anyone else had a similar experience?
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    Hello John,
    I noticed nobody has responded to your post yet. The price for the name brand of Temodar (Temozolamide) is a shocker. The generic versions seems a lot more affordable. I assume that is what you received at Walmart. I work with.brain tumor patients who frequently are put on Temodar, so I am familiar with the price differential. I wonder why your wife's Oncologist is using that particular pharmacy, you may want to check with him or her about that.
    I am sorry that you and your wife had to go through that process. I am glad you found a solution. After all, having a cancer diagnosis is hard enough, you should not also have to suffer financial hardship because of it.
    Welcome to CSC John,
    Sending best wishes to you both,
    DB Momitor.
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    As to why the oncologist used this pharmacy, I suspect there is a financial incentive. I have not talk to the oncologist because I've been advised more than once that in general it would not be a good idea to potentially hurt the professional relationship with the oncologist and my wife.
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    I can only hope and assume that your wife's Oncologist is professional enough that a simple question regarding his opinion on brand name Temodar (the expensive one) vs generic Temozolomide (the Walmart version) would not hurt the doctor-patient relationship. Let's see if anyone else is going to chime in and share their opinion.
    Meanwhile, hang in there John, you sound like a dedicated and wonderful caregiver.
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